Family Ministry

What is the Family Ministry?

It is a partnership ministry of Associate Ministers, Deacons, Deaconess, Associate Ministers’ Wives and other volunteer lay members who serve as partners with the Pastor in the leading, proclaiming, shepherding/caring ministries of the church.

Family Ministries are broken down according to the first letter of member’s last name as follows:

Abraham Family Ministry                                  A – F
Nehemiah Family Ministry                                G – L
Jacob Family Ministry                                        M – R
Good Samaritan Family Ministry                    S – Z

The Purpose of the Family Ministry

1. A Group designed to link the church family with persons and groups on the church, which can minister to their needs, hurts, and convey their concerns, issues and recommendations.

2. To assist the pastor in meeting the needs of the church family.

Those who are …..

  • Sick or Hospitalized
  • Inactive in our congregation
  • Bereaved
  • Elderly, home-bound or institutionalized and/or disabled
  • In job crisis
  • Experiencing a spiritual or emotional crisis
  • Experiencing a separation or divorce
  • Affected by accidental or natural disaster
  • New members in our congregation
  • Experiencing the birth/adoption of a child
  • Single parents
  • Experiencing stress and/or uncertainty, etc.

3. To assist the pastor and church in achieving their mission and vital program goals (both spiritual and financial).

4. To help the pastor and church improve their ability to provide a natured, healing and caring environment for our members to live and share God’s love in an increasing complex and impersonal society.

5. To increase the pastor and church’s warmth openness and care-ability.

6. Since the pastor alone cannot reach everyone in need, the Family Ministry is designed to increase significantly the number of congregational members involved in an ongoing caring/shepherding ministry.