Champion Prayer Warrior

To help the disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ become active and consistent in the reading of the scriptures.  Revelation 1:3 states “Blessed is he that readeth.”
To help enhance the disciples devotional and prayer life by meditating on the word of God.


The disciple will set aside 30 minutes a day to read the assigned readings and practice the ACTS method of prayer and meditation that is found in the back of the “Seasons of Reflections” daily reading Bible.
The disciple will annotate in the journal by assessing the following:
What is God saying?
How does it apply to my life?
What am I going to do as a result?
Each disciple will be monitored monthly by a coordinator to ensure readings are timely.  The monitor will use a graph of twelve (12) months to assess progress.
Each disciple will covenant with another person enrolled in the journey to partner with them.  As partners, each person will be expected to encourage the other in the journey.

GETTING READY (What Will I need?)
Seasons of Reflection daily reading Bible
A Pen
Bible notes binder for journal
One half hour of committed time
A Committed Heart