Young Peoples Ministry

To enhance children and youth through a variety of faith-development activities: bible study, worship services, and community service.  Such activities provide nurture, foster witnessing and serving, and develop leadership among youth in the congregation.
Due to the unique and varied needs of our children and youth, our ministry emphasizes personal faith development, biblical training, family ties and social development.


  • To provide opportunities for instruction in God’s Word
  • To provide opportunities for youth/children to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts and talents
  • To provide positive role models for youth/children to follow
  • To provide activities, outings and special events for social, recreational and spiritual development


Children Church-held in Family Life Center 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sundays during the 10:45AM service.This service consists of singing, instruction utilizing the  Lil’l K and Kid Mo Curriculum, crafts, and storytelling to re-emphasize the lessons.

Children’s Choir



Youth Church-located next door at 805 Eatman-Complete church service carried out by the youth under the guidance of the Youth Minister.  This service utilize the high energy of you through singing and sermons to create a positive learning experience from God’s Word.

Youth Concert Choir Debs and Gents for Christ – grades 6-12, young women and young men.  Enhance young lives through various faith-based professional, educational, and social activities.  Hopefully, these activities will nurture and develop new leaders in our church and community.

Other Activities for all ages

Drama – Dedicated to helping others understand the truths in God’s Word through drama interpretations of scripture and contemporary drama presentations.

Praise Dance Teams-Ministers to the people of God through artistic movement and expressive worship, praise and adoration for Jesus Christ.

Cub/Boy Scouts-Designed for boys and young adult men as an effective education program to train them in the responsibilities of participation in citizenship, provide growth in moral strength and character, and enhance the development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Step/Drill Team-Provide opportunities for our youth to express themselves in precision movement while providing God’s word.  To provide discipline as well as physical and mental development.

Hallelujah Night-Annual event that provide a Christian alternative to Halloween.  This is a community outreach with music, games, rides and food.

Vacation Bible School-Held in the summer for one week.  Focuses on a theme of study in God’s word using skits, music, and crafts.  This week provides in-depth Bible teachings as well as motivating children to live according to biblical principles.


MONTHLY MINISTRY MEETING-Saturday before 2nd Sundays

  • Youth Concert Choir       12:00PM
  • Note:  Other meetings are scheduled on an “as needed” basis.  If you would like to join a ministry, please call the church office for more information.