Evangelism Ministry


To share the Good News of Christ with everyone. “The Great Commission” in Matthew 28: 19-20


To teach Christians the correct questions to ask, what responses to look for and what scriptures to use when witnessing for Christ

Evangelism Explosion course outline is as follows:

  • 101 – Introduction to Evangelism (pre-requisite to Evangelism 102)
  • 102 – Preparation for On the Job Training
  • 103 – On the Job Training
  • 104 – I Hate Witnessing
  • 105- Responding to False Doctrines
  • 106A – Methods and Techniques in Evangelism
  • 106B – An Approach to Evangelism Through Counseling
  • 106C – How to Help Hurting People
  • Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:30PM – 8:00PM for two (2) eleven-weeks semesters until completion of course study.