Prison Ministry

To win souls to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  To share the good news of Jesus Christ as a “Going Church for the Coming Christ”.  Calling all people to make Christ, Lord of their lives.  To grow in Christian maturity, and to build God’s Kingdomin the world through prison ministry.



  • To encourage the inmates that, as long as Jesus is alive, there is always hope for them.
  • To share the gospel and the winning of souls.
  • To engage in effective, lifechanging ministry to prisoners



Training is necessary to ensure that members not only understand the atmosphere of prison ministry, but also the personal history and the subculture that exists behind bars.

There is a mandatory four hour orientation class taught at Caddo Correctional CEnter that must be taken before you are allowed to enter the prison.  In this class you will learn the Do’s and Don’ts.



Every 2nd Saturday at 5:30PM at the Caddo Correctional Center